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Promotores of Northern California


Promotores del Norte de California
Programa de Promotores

What are  Promotores?

Promotores are trusted members of their community who offer support and help empower others in their community through education and by connecting them to local resources. They are the bridge between the diverse populations they serve and the healthcare system. Promotores are strong advocates for the health and well-being of individuals, families, and communities, especially the most vulnerable and underserved. They share their knowledge and actively work towards creating health equity in their communities.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:

Promotores de salud, also known as Promotoras, is the Spanish term for CHWs. The Hispanic community recognizes promotores de salud as lay health workers who work in Spanish-speaking communities.

Rural communities often use this model to improve the health of migrant and seasonal farmworkers and their families. Promotores who work specifically with migrant and seasonal farmworkers may be referred to as migrant health promoters. Promotores working with migrant or seasonal farmworkers often conduct environmental health and home assessments and deliver education about environmental health hazards. They address topics such as lead poisoning prevention, water quality, hazardous waste, and pesticide safety. These types of programs are common in rural border communities.

Who are the Promotores of Northern California?

The Promotores of Northern California was founded in August 2018 in collaboration with Modoc County Health Services and other local entities (Tulelake Early Head Start and Tulelake Newell Family Resource Center) along with numerous volunteers. Starting with only 18 members in 2018, the Promotores of Northern California group now consists of over 50 members from Newell, CA, and surrounding areas, with the hopes of expanding to other counties, such as Siskiyou and Lassen County in California, and Klamath County in Oregon.

What are our goals?

  • Ongoing recruitment for more Promotores and area expansion
  • Increase community involvement and participation
  • Create and improve equity in our communities
  • Bring trainings to promote professional development
  • Create spaces for emotional support
  • Involve the community for the common good

Are you interested in becoming a Promotor and making a positive difference in your community?

Contact Modoc County Public Health's Promotora, Myra Chavoya-Perez at 530-708-2036 or by email: