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Nurse home visiting program (1)
The Nurse Home Visiting Program is a collaborative project between Behavioral Health and Public Health that utilizes Public Health Nurses to provide home-visiting services to pregnant women and families with children from birth through age 18.  The Nurse Home Visiting Program strives to improve overall wellness for pregnant women and families within Modoc County.  The goals are to improve birth outcomes, support breastfeeding, promote early childhood development, raise awareness of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs), encourage positive parent-child interactions, and support social-emotional development.  In addition, the program assists families in accessing medical, dental, vision, and behavioral health services and provides education, resources, and referrals for individuals and families struggling with nutrition, substance use, homelessness, domestic violence/intimate partner violence, poverty, and much more.

Activities may include:

  • Providing education and support to parents and children to increase resiliency and promote positive parent/child interactions
  • Complete health and nutrition assessments and education on the importance of good nutrition and physical activity for the whole family
  • Complete developmental assessments to encourage healthy infant/child growth and development
  • Education and skill building as it relates to social/emotional development including anger management, communication skills, coping techniques, and stress management
  • Substance use prevention and treatment information
  • Education regarding safety and violence
  • Self-care and life skills for adolescents and young adults
  • Referrals to community resources

Any family in Modoc County with children ages 0-18 is eligible, especially:

  • Mothers with a high-risk pregnancy (including premature delivery and/or multiple births)
  • Teenage parents
  • Families who have children with extensive medical needs
  • Families who have children with known social or emotional problems
  • Families who are stressed
  • Families who have children at risk for school failure
  • Families who have children at risk of experiencing juvenile justice involvement
  • Parents or children with depression or other mental health concerns
  • Parents or children with or at risk for a substance use disorder
  • Families who would benefit from education on a healthy lifestyle and appropriate child growth and development

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For more information, call 530-233-6311 and ask for a Home Visiting Nurse